Halyk Arena

Distance to AV: 18,5 km Capacity: 3000 seats Total area: 10,9295 ha Total Built-Up Area: 20 293,5 m2 The venue has a multifunctional, unique ice arena with 3000 seats and small arena with 300 seats. The Arena is built with the perspective of … Continue reading

Almaty Arena

Distance to AV: 700 m Capacity: 12,000 seats Total area: 10 734 ha Total built-up area: 29 710,94 м2. The venue comprises Figure skating arena with a 12000 seating capacity, and Curling arena with a 475 seating capacity. The Almaty Arena is the biggest venue of … Continue reading

Athletes’ village

Capacity: 5000 The Athletes’ village will be opened to athletes and officials on January 23, 2017 until February 10, 2017. Total area: 24,41 hа. Total built-up area: 23 977,66 m2 Athletes Village – consist of 14 buildings and 3 blocks placed … Continue reading

“Medeu” High-mountain Ice Rink

Distance to AV: 30,6 km Capacity: 8300 seats “Medeu” High-mountain Ice Rink was built in 1972. “Medeu” is one of the greatest high-mountain complexes for the winter sports. “Medeu” became widely known for its warm climate at the gorge, high attitude, non-high … Continue reading

Baluan Sholak Sports Palace

Distance to AV: 12, 7 km Capacity: 5000 seats The palace comprises ice hockey arena and short track arena  Baluan Sholak Sports Palace has a 50-year history and is named after famous Kazakh wrestler, writer and composer Baluan Sholak (1864 – 1919). … Continue reading

Shymbulak Ski Resort

Distance to AV: 35,4 km Shymbulak Ski Resort was built in 1954. The average temperature in summer reaches 20 C and, in winter -7 C. Shymbulak tract was significantly reconstructed: Total length of the skiing runs increased from 6 km twice. … Continue reading

Sunkar International Ski Jumping Complex

Distance to AV: 16,1 km Comprises two zones: “Sunkar” Ski Jumping complex and “Sunkar” Nordic combined stadium Ski Jumping complex: Built in 2010. Total area: 15, 1377 ha Total Built-Up Area: 44 583, 9 m2 Capacity: 5200 seats Winter Universiade 2017: Ski Jumping, … Continue reading

Alatau Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon Stadium

Distance to AV: 50, 5 km “Alatau” was built in 2010 for the VII Asian Games and other international competitions. The complex comprises Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon Stadiums. Capacity: 2600 standing places and 3600 seats Total area: 47 ha “Alatau” comprises the main … Continue reading

“Tabagan” Ski Resort


Distance to AV: 36,6 km Capacity: 800 seats Total area: 91 ha Winter Universiade 2017: Aerials and Big Air Location: Almaty, Talgar district, Almaty region, Beskainar Village … Continue reading