Functional Directions of the Volunteers

Volunteers will be involved in performing the following functional directives, not only in the 8 sports venues, but also at the airport and hotels of Almaty at the Universiade.

  1. Work with delegations and language services – becoming a translation volunteer requires not only an excellent knowledge of languages, the city, professional competence and the ability to handle stress, but also to become a main assistant for numerous expected guests to Almaty.
  2. Accommodation – helping allocate rooms, fill in registration, check people into the hotel, and reception – all serious requirements for a good team of volunteers wishing to work in this area.
  3. Protocol – volunteers in this area are required to organise meetings within the framework of the Universiade. It is a great opportunity to hold official events with VIP guests and athletes.
  4. Accreditation – thanks to the attentiveness, accurateness, and communicative skills of the volunteers, all client groups of the Universiade (from staff to athletes and VIP guests) will receive accreditation cards on time.
  5. Arrival and departure – this area requires that you get acquainted with the participants, guests and spectators of the Universiade. This type of volunteer will be involved in the country’s airports and railway stations. These volunteers’ job will include meeting the guests, helping them to fill in migration documents and help them handle their baggage.
  6. Transportation – volunteers under this functional direction are responsible for making sure that the Universiade’s transportation system works effectively. The coordination of transport arrivals and departures as well as the organisation of parking in all venues are the main duties of this type of volunteer.
  7. Food – volunteers will control the assortment and decoration of foods, as well as consulting guests.
  8. Media – if you have experience in writing articles, notes, or are interested in the media processes of one of the largest sports competitions in the world, this is the right place for you!
  9. Broadcasting/CTI – people who are able to work with information systems are also needed; with your help, the whole world will have the opportunity to watch the Winter Universiade live!
  10. Medicine and Doping Control – volunteers from the medical services will lend assistance to the participants and guests of the Universiade at the venues. Volunteers of the doping control service will be involved in forwarding athletes to doping control zones.
  11. Sport – these volunteers will work in the zones in which the competitions are being held; here, they will have the ability to witness the training and competition processes of the Universiade from the inside.
  12. Event Organisation and Working with the Event’s Viewers – volunteers to this functional direction have an important mission – to create an atmosphere of sports celebration and joy at the venues of the Universiade.

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