Athletes’ village

Capacity: 5000

The Athletes’ village will be opened to athletes and officials on January 24, 2017 until February 10, 2017.

Total area: 24,41 hа.

Total built-up area: 23 977,66 m2

Athletes Village – consist of 14 buildings and 3 blocks placed in the form of letter “U” (Universiade). According to architectural idea, all objects form an image of sun god known from the ancient rock paintings.

The main administrative center is located between 14-storey residential buildings which includes operational block where during the Universiade – FISU office, dining room for 1000 people, resting room will be located. It will also include Museum of traditional musical instruments with the use of interactive technologies.

Location: Almaty, Alatau district, Momyshuly avenue, Northern Ryskulova street