Baluan Sholak Sports Palace

Раскаточный каток

Short track arena

Раскаточный каток

Ice hockey arena

Distance to AV: 12, 7 km

Capacity: 5000 seats

The palace comprises ice hockey arena and short track arena 

Baluan Sholak Sports Palace has a 50-year history and is named after famous Kazakh wrestler, writer and composer Baluan Sholak (1864 – 1919).

At the time of construction in 1967, the palace comprised ice sheet, refrigeration plant room for making synthetic ice, medical room and curriculum office. In 2010, the palace was renovated in accordance with international standards for holding the VII Asian Games.

At the present time the palace holds competitions of continental and world level Olympic sports. In November, 2015 the palace held the Pacific – Asia Curling Championships which served as qualifying competitions for the World Cup 2016 and test event for the Winter Universiade 2017.

Winter Universiade 2017:

Ice Hockey (women) will be held in Ice Hockey Arena

Short track will be held in Short Track Arena

Location: Abay avenue, 44