How to get to Almaty?

The official points of arrival and departure for the participants of Winter Universiade:

Almaty International Airport
Address: Almaty city, B.Mailin str, 2.
Tel: +7 (727) 270-33-33


Almaty-1 Railway Station
Address: Almaty city, Stantsonaya, 1 str.
Tel: +7 (7172) 60-56-56

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Almaty-2 Railway Station
Address: Almaty city, Abylaikhan Avenue, 1.
Tel: +7 (7172) 60-56-56


Besides, during the Winter Universiade, hospitality services will be provided at International transit airport of Astana.

Please note that arrival and departure services will be provided by the Organizing Committee only at the above-mentioned official points and transit airport of Astana.

Note: Arrival and departure of athletes with firearms must be conducted via Almaty international airport only.