Ski jumping

Ski jumping competitions are held both in winter and summer. Winter competitions on hills with calculation point of 90 meters and more are considered the most important.

Initially, ski jumping were part of slalom. The first slalom competition took place in 1840. In the beginning of ski jumping history, the main achievement was the height of the jump as opposed to the distance.

The first registration of jump distance was in 1868 with the first registered result of 19 meters. The rules and scoring systems as well as distance measuring technology and immediate result demonstration have changed with time. Since 1945, jumps are judged based not only on distance, but also on style.

Competition Format:

Men: Individual K 95 (NH), Team K 95 (NH)

Women: Individual K 95 (NH), Team K 95 (NH)

Mixed Relay K 95 (NH) (1M+1W)

Sport Venue:

“Sunkar” Ski Jumping Complex