Short track

Short track speed skating is a form of competitive ice-skating on short distance. Competitions typically include 4 to 8 skaters, depending on the distance. Short track speed skating is the most dynamic sport awarding the most number of medals.

Short track speed skating was originated in North America. The first competitions were held in early XX century. In 1967 short track joined the International Skaters Union (ISU). The first world championship was held in 1976 in the USA; the first team world championship – in 1911 in Seoul, South Korea. In 1992 Olympic games in France short track was included to the main program for the first time.

Competition Format:

  • Men: 500 m; 1000 m; 1500 m; 5000 m (relay)
  • Women: 500 m; 1000 m; 1500 m; 3000 m (relay)

Sport Venue:

Baluan Sholak short track arena