Nordic combined

Nordic combined is a winter sport in which athletes compete in ski-jumping and cross-country skiing. It is included into Olympic program since 1924.

In recent years, the traditional Nordic combined program has undergone significant changes. Currently, the competition includes two individual events; ski jumping from normal (K-95) or large (K-125) hill followed by ten-kilometer cross-country race on the same day. Both disciplines are governed by common rules with minor additions: individual Gundersen and Gundersen team event on 4×5 distance.

In the team event, teams consist of four athletes who have one competition jump each. The total score of all four athletes determines the time disadvantages for the start of the ensuing 5 kilometer cross-country race.

Competition Format:

  • Individual Gundersen

Jump – K 95 (NH) + 10 km CC

  • Team Gundersen

2 Jump – K 95 (NH) + 3×5 km CC

  • Mass Start Race

10 km CC + Jump – K 95 (NH)


“Sunkar” International Ski Jumping Complex

“Alatau” Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon Stadium