Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing encompasses skiing race contests on a specially prepared track.

In 1767, the first official championship of ski racers was held on the territory of modern Norway. Swedes and Finns followed Norwegians’ example. In the late XIX – early XX centuries national skiing clubs appeared in many countries.

Since 1924, cross-country skiing is an official Olympic sport. International Ski Federation (FIS) was established in the same year. The first World Cup in the history of cross-country skiing was held in 1925 in Czechoslovakia. FIS is responsible for the development of cross-country skiing, as well as ski jumping, alpine skiing, Nordic combined, freestyle skiing and snowboarding.

Competition Format:

  • Men:1,6 km Sprint (C); 10 km Individual (C); 10 km Pursuit  (F); 30 km Mass start (C); Relay 4×7,5 km (CCFF)
  • Women:1,2 km Sprint (C); 5 km Individual (C); 5 km Pursuit  (F); 15 km Mass start race  (C); Relay 3×5 km (CFF)
  • Mixed Team Sprint (F) 1W + 1M 1,2 km

Sport Venue:

“Alatau” Cross Country Stadium