“Kazakhstan will welcome warmly all participants of the Universiade-2017”, said Tauekel Musilim.

Tauekel Musilim, a well known Kazakh actor, singer and TV presenter, an ambassador of the 28th World Winter Universiade-2017 in Almaty expects from Kazakh sportsmen to achieve decent results and bright victories. The actor is convinced that the coming competitions to be held on a high level.

I have tremendous expectations from the Universiade-2017. I think our country will welcome warmly and hospitably all participants. I’m sure all will be done at a high level, - said Tauekel Musilim. To tell about my winter sport preference it’s skiing and snowboarding. These types of winter sports I loved three years ago and is still actively interested in them. So, I’m fan of that sport types and find them the most interesting for me.

- What else would you like to see at the Universiade-2017?

- I’m interested in ice hockey as well. I’ve not yet seen a game ‘live’. The ice hockey is a very dynamic game for real men. I’d like to see an ice hockey game at the Universiade-2017 to cheer for our sportsmen if I have a free time. 

- Would you like to learn how to play ice hockey?

- I find this idea interesting, but considering my age it would be difficult to learn to play ice hockey. You should start playing ice hockey in your childhood. I think the ice hockey is the game that develops speed, fast reaction and movement coordination. I will repeat myself the ice hockey is the best game for men.

- You mentioned that you started skiing three years ago. Do you remember your first training?

- Yes, I do. I remember it well. I surprised myself as I was born in Almaty and have been living here for all my life and had not tried skiing before that day. I didn’t even have thoughts about skiing. It happened I was invited to try skiing. I looked how people were skiing and thought why not to try. I hired the instructor and tried to ski. I liked it. Surely everything didn't work immediately. But skiing for the third time I started feeling confident and enjoying my skiing. I’ve started with skiing, but lately I’m more snowboarding. I’m more passionate about snowboarding than skiing. I’m fond of extreme sports, speed and everything related to this. This summer I was shooting in America. I managed to buy all sport equipment for snowboarding there. I’ve been looking forward for winter and have already snowboarded for three time during this winter time.

- You have to be in a good physical shape given your occupation. How do you keep your physical shape?

- I always go to the gym and do swim. Besides that I play football. I’m a team member of  “Alatau” football team made up of show biz and movie stars. That’s what I managed to be involved in but I’d like to try something else. I love to learn new things.

-What would you like to say to Kazakhstan sportsmen participating in the Universiade-2017?

- I wish all sportsmen to succeed and honourably represent our country. I wish them to win gold medals as many as possible, so it will encourage us, sport fans, to be proud of them and let other world to know about Kazakhstan sportsmen.

It’s important to note that the main mission of the Universiade-2017 Ambassador is to promote and develop the value of student sport, tourism and healthy life style. The honorary title of the Universiade-2017 Ambassador is given to the citizens of Kazakhstan who will encourage and promote the value of the Universiade-2017 via their own examples and work.

Before Dmitry Balandin, a swimmer, the Olympic champion of 2016, Kanat Islam, a boxer, the world champion on professional Boxing, Sabina Altynbekova, a volleyball player, Ali Okapov, Nurzham Kermenbayev, pop singers, and some others were given the titles of the Universiade-2017 Ambassadors.