Kuralai Uzurova: We hope Ayza Imanbek will get into top-10

The head coach of Kazakhstan’s figure skating team Kuralai Uzurova talked on preparing her charges to the locally hosted Winter Universiade-2017.

- For today we’re fully provided with the best conditions, as two new remarkable sport facilities, Almaty Arena and Halyk Arena have been opened. Our training sessions take 3 hours a day. The athletes go to the training camps, and work with the specialists additionally. We’ve already defined the team’s composition. Our men’s figure skating team will be represented by three athletes, including the team leader Denis Ten, Abzal Rakimgaliyev and Artur Panikhin. Our women’s team will be represented by Aiza Imanbek, Zhansaya Adykhanova and Veronika Shevelyova.


- What would you say about other contestants?

- Figure skating is very strong sport right now, and our competitors will be from all countries where this sport is demanded – Japan, China, Canada and Russia.

- What about our team leaders? Are they well prepared?

- Denis Ten usually performs interesting and thoughtful programmes, and his scores are always quite high. Now Denis is performing absolutely magnificent programmes, containing the jumps of the highest complexity. He has 3 quadruple jumps in his current performance. His skating is always very distinctive and specially presented. Aiza Imanbek is also a very interesting skater. Her performances are full of national details and well-taken by the audience. Many European specialists are interested in her. After taking part in 2 stages of Europe Grand Prix she was very well appreciated.  

- What our figure skaters may expect from Universiade-2017?

- Our women’s team is very young, and every girl has its own peculiarities, they have everything before them. We wish them to present Kazakhstan with dignity, and reach the final stage. I want Aiza Imanbek to be in the top-10, and she can do this. All athletes just have to cope with nerves and demonstrate clear skating. We hope that our team performance will be well appreciated.

In the history of Winter Universiades Kazakhstan’s figure skaters won 2 medals. In 1995 in Chaca (Spain) Marina Khalturina and Andrei Kryukov won gold medals in pair skating. At the same tournament Dmitriy Kazarlyga and Yelizaveta Stekolnikova won bronze in ice dancing.