Veronica Sheveleva: «Home ice will be our advantage at the Universiade»

Figure skater Veronica Sheveleva, who will be representing Kazakhstan at the Winter Universiade 2017, shared with us her state of mind in the run up to the start of the season, and her programs.

VS: I was excited to know I had been selected to compete in the Universiade, it is a great honour to participate in such high-level competitions. I feel confident, I believe I will be able to show my best form. We are spending as much time as possible now in training practice, spending many hours on the ice. My state of mind could not be better.

Q: What was the reason you decided to pursue a career in figure skating?

A: My mother herself had a dream of becoming a professional figure skater. When she knew it was not working out quite as she hoped, she took me to the skating rink. After my first practice I made a resolution I would never get involved in this, ever again. But as fate has it, I am still around, having been doing this for ten years now.

Q: Will it be an advantage that you have had experience performing at the same arena that will host the Universiade?

A: Yes, I do believe it will be a serious advantage. The Almaty Arena has very good ice, better than most of our other ice arenas. I liked it very much here when I competed in the national championship, it has a special atmosphere and feeling to it.

Q: Have you decided on the programs you will be presenting at the Universiade?

A: My short program is performed to a song by music band Gorod 312, called “I’m going to stay.” I liked this song so much that, when they permitted use of songs with lyrics, I hesitated little before choosing. I was not sure at first whether I should choose a song with Russian lyrics, but then many athletes did it, so I followed the trend. As a result, I think everyone liked my performance at the national championship. As for the free program, I am still undecided, working on it.

We should add that, in addition to Veronica Sheveleva, Kazakhstan at the Universiade will be represented by Denis Ten, Abzal Rakimgaliyev, Artur Panikhin, Ayza Imanbek and Zhansaya Adykhanova.