Zhanbota Aldabergenova: «The main contestants in the Universiade are sportsmen from China, Russia and Belarus»

The leader of the Kazakhstan's national free style team Zhanbota Aldabergenova, who will represent the country in the aerial skiing at the winter Universiade 2017, told in the interview about her excitement and the main contestants in the coming starts.

 - Preparations are in full swing, we have trained in Shymkent and now are flying in transit via Almaty to the USA where we will be participating in the World Cup stages. Upon completion of the competitions we will stay in the USA over a week and then return to Kazakhstan to participate in the Universiade, said Zhanbota Aldabergenova.

- What do you expect from the coming Universiade?

- I am very excited as I will compete at home which means more responsibility. My excitement is linked to that this is my first time I will be performing in front of a big audience in my native country, and this is my first time I will have these big starts in Kazakhstan. I did not have that experience in the winter Asian Games 2011 as I joined the aerial skiing after those Asian Games.

- The season has started off and what is your estimation of your fitness?

- At the outset of the season I had certain difficulties during the training sessions in Finland and I failed to undergo complete training. It so happened that in Finland one time it was warm and the other time it was cold or there was a snowstorm and that caused some training times to be cancelled. That is why I do not feel confident yet but at the World Cup stages in the USA I will make up for it for sure. 

- Who will be the main contestant at the Universiade?

- I do not know participants yet. The main contestants are all the same. They are the athletes from China, Russia and Belarus.

- Will you add new elements before the Universiade?

- I am training myself for some new elements but I am not sure that I will do them at the Universiade. It would be better for me to do not difficult jumps but perform them well rather than fall. Hence, my preference will be to tested jumps but which we will define after the World Cup in the USA.

- To your mind, the winter Universiade in Kazakhstan will influence the growth of the popularity of the aerial skiing?

- I hope that after the Universiade more people will get to know about our kind of sport. Otherwise, when I tell people that I do the freestyle skiing, people ask: what kind of dancing is it? Then I have to explain. It is desirable to see more children join our skiing circles in order to have higher competition like in China, for example. The aerial skiing is believed to be an extreme kind of sport out of all free style sports, so we invite all fans to see it with their own eyes.

A 21-year-old sportswoman is a prize winner of the World Cup stages in the aerial skiing, a holder of the European Cup and the winner of international tournaments. In the winter Olympiad 2014 in Sochi the sportswoman got the sixth place.