Organizers of the Universiade in Almaty shared their experience of conducting competitions with Russian colleagues.

From 20 to 26 of May in Russian Federation, Krasnoyarsk is the visit of delegation of the International University Sports Federation (FISU). Within the framework of the working visit, there is a debriefing following the results of the XXVIII World Winter Universiade-2017 with participation of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Universiade in Almaty.

Debriefing is a meeting based on structured recommendations and expert opinions on the outcomes of the Student Games in Kazakhstan. The main goal is to analyze and analyze all the moments in the preparation and execution of the event so that the organizers of the 2019 Winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk can take advantage of the acquired knowledge in their work.


The delegation members - director of the Winter Universiade FISU Milan Augustin, the chairman of the International Technical Committee of the Winter Universiade FISU Roger Roth, the chairman of the international medical committee FISU Dushan Hamar, as well as a team of specialists who organized games in Kazakhstan, led by the deputy director of the State Fund “Directorate for the preparation and holding of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017 in Almaty" Bakytzhan Sadykov.

"Winter Universiade in Almaty became the first winter student games in the territory of the CIS countries and the largest multi-sport competitions in the history of independent Kazakhstan. According to the FISU, this was the best experience of organizing the Universiade, and today we are happy to share our experience and knowledge with our Russian colleagues. After all, student games are an event where the values ​​of physical culture and sports are promoted, as well as healthy lifestyles among young people”, - said deputy director of the State Fund “Directorate for the preparation and holding of the 28th World Winter Universiade 2017 in Almaty" Bakytzhan Sadykov.


During the debriefing, the representatives of the Organizing Committee of the Universiade-2017 shared their experience in all functional areas of the Student Games - "Medical Services", "Venue Management", "Sports Program", "Marketing", etc. Together with representatives of FISU, all organizational aspects of the competition were discussed in order to consider them in future, in particular during the Winter Universiade in 2019 in Krasnoyarsk.

"For us on the eve of the Student Games, conducting debriefing is very important. Meeting with colleagues will allow to study the experience of organizing large sports competitions, to identify aspects that require special attention. From the Winter Universiade-2017 in Almaty, we have returned with a huge baggage of knowledge and positive emotions. The upcoming days of teamwork will help us in preparing for a large-scale sports event. Krasnoyarsk lives in anticipation of the Winter Universiade-2019, and we must make every effort and hold the event at a high level”, - said Maxim Urazov, head of the Executive Directorate of the XXIX World Winter Universiade-2019 in Krasnoyarsk.