The Universiade-2017 is acknowledged as the most visited for the whole history of winter student's Games

Almaty, on February 10, 2017 – 28 World winter Universiade is — an event for which Almaty has prepared for the last 5 years came to the end on February 8. Games in Almaty were acknowledged as the most visited for the whole history of winter Universiades. According to the Directorate of the Universiade-2017 for 117 sports competitions it was sold 236 thousand 744 tickets in total.

By estimates of participants and guests, Games took place at the highest organizational level and therefore had such high interest for the audience.

The impression was expressed by several persons among whom the General Secretary of FISU Eric Saintrond. "On February 8 we saw a fantastic show at the Closing ceremony which was attended by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Mayor of the city of Almaty, – Mr. Saintrond told. – Then after the ceremony we met the FISU team, delegates, and all of them were very happy with quality of the Universiade-2017. Final hockey game between Russia and Kazakhstan, and also between Canada and the Czech Republic from the sports point of view – it was a huge success! From the organizational point of view – it was very nice as well. From the media point of view – fantastic success! We received congratulations from Eurosport – one of the largest sports channels in the world, they were very happy too, noted high quality of games. So all are happy therefore there is even no wish to part, it is a pity that we can't stay here longer. I shall tell, it was tremendous experience – here we saw kindness of people, hospitality, and quality of sporting venues. I am sure; everyone will hold kind memories of the Universiade in Almaty".

Adele Fayzulina who is the manager on branding and marketing of FISU has also noted that such huge number of the audience which was at a Winter Universiade in Almaty wasn't anywhere. "You have just broken all records, it is indisputable, – Adele has told. – And most important that this not only huge number of people but people who really wanted to come. I saw people who were standing at cash desks who wanted to buy tickets and support their teams. They supported both Kazakhstan, and Russia, and other countries and they just wanted to be participants of these competitions. I actually not often saw it. I consider that for this first huge step which you had taken during the Universiade, – praise to you and honor".

Appreciation to the Universiade-2017 was also given by Milan Augustine, the director of Winter Universiades of FISU: "People were going home with very good impressions. Yesterday on Closing Ceremony we saw how people communicated. Athletes from 57 countries became friends among themselves; the spirit of the Universiade was there. During the competitions there isn't a lot of time to communicate, people are tired, go about the own business. But yesterday we saw how all together began to note and were happy with everything". Milan Augustine emphasized that the high mark was given officially at the last meeting of heads of delegations, and the Universiade in Almaty became one of the best in the history of FISU.

Augustine has also noted that the difference in holding the Universiade in Almaty and other places is noticeable. Each country has its own traditions, the mentality and popular or less popular sports in the country, but in Almaty there was a huge audience everywhere. For example, in Granada (Spain, venue of the Winter Universiade-2015) or on other Universiades, there were not so many viewers: "I didn't see any competition, any skating rink empty, – Milan Augustine has also told – They were full both in qualification, and in finals, and at Shymbulak. You have done a great job that young people have seen these athletes. I have been surprised: everywhere people came and supported athletes. It was just cool! For me it is especially pleasant that the organizing committee has worked so well, and the Universiade has taken place at the high level. In the history of FISU of such Universiade wasn't yet!"