Canada ice hockey team won bronze at the Universiade

February 8. Men’s ice hockey. Game for place 3-4:

Canada – Czech Republic – 4:3 (3:1, 1:2, 0:0).

On the second minute of the period, the Canadian team scored the first goal. In two minutes, they scored another one. The Czech team managed to score back on the 9th minute. However, the Canadians fought back, and the first period ended 3:1.

In the second period, the Czech team scored a goal on the 23rd minute. In a series of counter attacks, Canadians scored two more goals.

Czech ice hockey players did not give up, though. On the 29th minute, David Zachar increased the score to 3:4. It was Zachar’s third puck at the Universiade.

In the third period, the Czech team attempted many attacks but could not score. The Canadians fought back but did not score as well.

In the end, Canada won 4:3. This is the second Universiade where Canada took the bronze.

“It was an interesting game. Czech team is a very strong one. We were a bit tired after yesterday’s semifinal but could win. I would like to thank the organizers for their hospitality. I will remember the people of Kazakhstan. They supported us in all the games except the game against Russia (smiling), said Brett Gibson, the Head Coach of the Canadian team.

“At first, we weren’t particularly good. However, after some time we were able to start fighting back. We were close to evening the score and even winning. We wanted to win a medal. Our student team has been participating in the Universiades since 2005 and hasn’t won any yet. However, thanks to the organizers of the Universiade and the fans. We received a warm welcome in Kazakhstan!” said Jacub Havel, the Head Coach Assistant of the Czech team.