I love Universiade

The installation that consists of 3D letters saying “I Love Universiade” became a part of the Sport Unites the World art festival. The festival has commenced on the same day as the Universiade. It was not easy to prepare the installation. PVC was used in creating the letters, which were later set up at the Medal Plaza. Another task was to convince the visitors of the square in front of the Palace of the Republic to paint the letters. 

People gradually became more and more interested in trying themselves as artists. Children and grown-ups took the brushes and began painting. Day by day, the letters were transformed and became well-painted. Now one could see that they had been painted by amateurs, many of whom had never painted before, only from a very close distance.  

“We sometimes help. Some people are standing in the distance and are cold-feet. We approach them with a brush and offer them to leave a small trace of themselves. You know, people immediately cheer up. At first they are reserved, some only smile. Then, after they have tried, their eyes start glowing. There is nothing special, a bit of paint and movement. However, it changes something in people’s hearts,” said Asya, a volunteer.

The installation will stand in front of the Palace of the Republic until February 10. It will be dismantled afterwards. It will probably remain as a history of a major sporting and creative event. It is unclear now whether it will be installed somewhere else in the future for public access. The installation is owned by the Children are Painting the World foundation.