A daily nutrition ration for athletes competing in the Universiade 2017 has been determined based on FISU requirements

According to the Directorate of the Universiade 2017, a daily food ration meeting the FISU requirements has been determined for the athletes (4,000 – 4,500) which will be used when building the menu for the Winter Games.

The daily food ration will include important foodstuffs such as meat, dairy products and bread. The athletes will also be offered a wide range of nutritional drinks, to ensure a healthy body functioning.

Thus, the Winter Games will be provided with up to 110,000 kg worth of meat produce, including lamb, beef, horse, chicken and turkey. Approximately 6,100 kg worth of baked foods and more than 60,000 kg of dairy products will be delivered to the catering stations for the athletes and other participants of the Universiade 2017.

During the Universiade, catering will be provided for the athletes and official delegations, FISU technical representatives, international technical officers (ITOs), national technical officers (NTOs), volunteers, media, medical personnel, the Organizational Committee, FISU Family, and others. 1,000-seat canteens will open their doors at the Athletes’ Village offering five kinds of cuisines: Kazakh/national, European/Mediterranean, Asian, vegetarian, and halal.

The volunteers working at the Universiade will be offered lunch boxes. Each facility will have a commercial zone equipped with food stations for spectators and fans.

A joint action plan to provide catering services during the Universiade 2017 has been developed in collaboration with the Almaty department for the protection of consumers’ rights, aimed at ensuring sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the participants and guests of the Winter Games. Control will be exercised with mandatory laboratory studies and instrumental measurements to make sure the facilities comply with the hygienic standards.