The final Organising Committee meeting was held in Almaty prior to the start of the WU 2017

4 January, the Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan and concurrently Chairman of the Organising Committee of the 28th Winter Universiade 2017 Imangali Tasmagambetov visited the venues to evaluate its preparation for the largescale sport event in Almaty.

The Universiade is reaching a completion stage in preparations which calls on all the departments to think through meticulously to the last detail.  The transportation service and road safety are the critical segments of work.

As to transport logistics, we have a certain experience in preparing the OSCE summit and the Asian Winter Games,” said the Vice Prime Minister at the visiting conference. “However, in the meantime, other issues, like increased traffic load during the torch relay will be also coming up.  In this regard, additional measures need to be thought out to unclog the streets and not to cause inconvenience to the residents of the cities across Kazakhstan, in particular in Almaty and Astana. Besides, I want to dwell on the importance of the preparation of our athletes and the holding of a ground breaking ceremony. These large world sports events are of great significance and should ensure efficient promotion of the sport and a healthy lifestyle”.

As it was said earlier, the Head of the Organizing Directorate Nail Nurov noted that the torch relay of the WU2017 will be different from all previous ones.

It stands to note that this time the torch relay will be the third relay held in our country during the last 9 years. This time, every region will lighten their own torch and all 16 torches will be gathered in one in Almaty at the Opening ceremony. All regions are equipped with required materials. The preparation proceeds in a good way”, noted Nail Nurov.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan also set a task involving representatives of the Organising Committee of the Winter Universiade to follow up on whether each venue conforms to performance specifications.

 “A few days ago we tested preparation of the Athletes’ Village with involvement of 1000 volunteers, organization of transportation, inspections at the entrance, accreditation procedure, food and other services. We are conducting a series of specific measures aimed to improve services at the Athletes’ Village and the city itself. Generally speaking the WU has already given a strong impetus towards development of the city and improvement of the city services. Of course we still have some pending questions, including suggestions given today, we assume you that they will be solve in 25 days left to the Universiade”, - noted the Mayor of Almaty Bauyrzhan Baibek.   

Less than a month is left to go until the Winter Universiade. The organizational stage for preparations is up to its completion.  So Imangali Tasmagambetov pointed out additional measures needed to be taken in order to get the venues and services, hotels, restaurants, transportation and communications as well as other city infrastructure items prepared on time in order to deliver and serve foreign delegations, media representatives, tourists and guests of the city.