Kazakh rock musician pointed out a high organisation level of the Universiade

Bass guitarist of the ethno-rock music band “Ulytau” Serick Sansyzbayev shared his impressions about the 28th World Winter Univirsiade in Almaty.

 -Everything went well,  - said Serick Sansyzbayev. - The tickets to attend competitions went sell like hot cakes. I couldn’t even buy the tickets for some competitions. I like the holding of such a great event especially its cultural program. I want to point out the work of volunteers who worked diligently for a success of the event. There was a spirit of sport in Almaty these days. 

The musician also told that he intercommunicate with foreign athletes. The foreign guests marked the hospitality of the city.

-As for me I cheered the national team of Kazakhstan. I was impressed by Denis Ten performance and the ice hockey team of Kazakhstan. The athletes in freestyle, biathlon and ski impressed as well. All athletes did well. 12 days of big sport event in Almaty passed so quick. I regret I didn’t attend all competition. I wish Almaty host regularly sport competitions of such a scale!