Romans Nekludovs, a Latvian ice hockey player: I will be glad to visit Almaty once more

Romans Nekludovs is a second-year student at the Latvian Sports Academy. He is training to be a coach. Now, he is the top-line center of the Latvian ice hockey team. He has had a great time in Almaty together with his teammates. He will be glad to come back here. 
“The level of the hockey tournament was very good. There have been interesting games where you could win and score as many goals as possible. We tried to win Russia in the play-off and succeeded for two periods. However, we could not hang in in the third period. Our Hockey Federation representatives seem to be glad with our game. I think we could do better, though. The finalists of the competition showed an interesting game. The Russian team put a lot of effort into winning the home team. The final game was an intriguing sight for the hockey fans. The Universiade itself was a festive event. The Opening Ceremony was particularly impressive. Staying in the Athletes’ Village has also been interesting. The food was great and we had all the necessary conditions for resting and preparing for the games. We got acquainted with students from different countries. We could also have a walk through Almaty. It’s a pity we didn’t have time to chat with local girls. I hope next time we will be able to catch up. I would like to thank the Kazakhstanis for the sports feast where we felt great. We feel sad leaving your amazing city,”  said Roman.