Wings that were spread at the Universiade.

Russian speed skater Ruslan Rafikov is ready to leave the Athletes Village and told about impressions that he has from the Universiade-2017.

- How would you evaluate your performance at the Games in Almaty?

- We have only indoor rinks and here is the outdoor rink. The conditions under which we performed at "Medeщ" to me were unaccustomed. There was a very important element of luck: somebody had better luck, someone less, but still more important than the one who was as ready. I was well prepared and showed a very good result for me. I was not in the top three because in our sport is a very high competition but many our athletes won medals.

- The motto of the Games-2017«Spread your wings! » Can you say that you "spread your wings" in Almaty?

- I think yes. It was hard to climb to an altitude. During the acclimatization it was hard to breathe and do some exercises but I think it did not have an impact on my result. At current competitions I showed my best result in this season and it is strangely (smiling). All friends say that I am «crazy»: it is windy here, outdoor rink, cold, I managed to perform better compare with other places where I participated.

- What did you like the most at competitions?

- The Athletes Village. Atmosphere that was created here made a right mood. It is a celebration and the spirit of competitions which motivated and I like it so much.

- If someday your children will ask you about Almaty, what will you answer?

- I will say: «Kazakh people did everything very well. It was an unforgettable event and I am very happy that I am here.