Kaspar Grigorjev, an Estonian snowboard athlete: I will recommend Almaty as an amazing place for winter holidays

Kaspar Grigorjev, an athlete in snowboarding from Estonia, took the 15th place at the Universiade. He was not disappointed with the result because of the experience he has gained. He is leaving Almaty with a lot of impressions.

“I had a good tournament, although I couldn’t show a higher result. This year, I haven’t participated in the World Cup stages. The Universiade, therefore, became an important competition for me. The competitors were very strong, which is a sign of the level of competition between athletes. It is difficult to name a leader; everyone was similar in their professional level. Those who made it to the final round were, of course, stronger than other participants. We spent most of the time training so there wasn’t much time to walk around the city. It was, however, very interesting to spend time in the Athletes’ Village. I will tell my friends back home about Almaty and the mountains. There are amazing conditions here for doing winters sports. Almaty is an amazing city, which did great in hosting such a major competition,” said Kaspar.