Ramina Yunicheva: “We’ll do our best at Universiade-2017”

Curling remains quite unusual discipline for sport fans in Kazakhstan. However this sport becomes more and more popular, and it is now included into the main sports programme of Universiade-2017.

Kazakhstan’s curlers also become more visible internationally, but the main awards in this discipline are still to be pursued. Now our team is at the final stage of pre-event trainings to take part in the locally hosted Universiade. The team is preparing in Almaty, and prior to that the training sessions have been already conducted in South Korea. There the team also participated in Pacific Asian Games.

Due to age restrictions the men’s and women’s teams’ backbone is made by young athletes. Ramina Yunicheva, the team leader (skip) of women’s team talked to us on the coming competition.

- We’re very active in preparing to Universiade. We do everything we can, - Ramina says. – The competition is coming, and we’re very excited to play in our homeland. For our fans we’ll have to do our best and show all we can do.

- Why did you choose such unusual sport as curling?

- My aunt brought me to this sport five years ago. She was one of the first athletes who played curling in Kazakhstan. Our coach has been selecting candidates for a team and I agreed to be a part of it. I tried and liked this lot. Curling is a very interesting game, as it requires not only physical skills, but also logics, tactics and strategy.

-    Have you already got used to your teammates?

- There are five of us in the team, 4 main players and a substitute one. We’re a young team playing together about a year. As a team leader (or a skip as we say) I play for the first year too, and this is a very exciting experience for me. And, of course, the first experience of such a big sport competition in my career. The girls in the team are also very young; some of them are playing during a year, someone couple of years. I seem to be the most experienced player in the team. Girls are trying their best, they are focused on the main goal, but the main thing for all of us is to be a part of this event, and this is a great honor. And we will play well.

It is worth saying that at the Winter Universiade-2017 two sets of medals in curling will be played.