Presentation of the logo, mascot and slogan of 28th winter Universiade 2017

On 24 October 2013 the ‘Executive directorate of Almaty Universiade’ State Fund has held a press conference on the topic ‘Presentation of the logo, mascot and slogan of 28th winter Universiade 2017’.

In the beginning of the press conference Sagadiev Didar, the Director of the State Fund has presented the three elements of the Universiade. Mr. Sagadiev outlined that the slogan expresses the concept of the logo– “Spread Your Wings!”, and therefore is presented in a form of stylized wings. All the symbols of Universiade 2017 present a single logically designed image: a little falcon with wide spread wings represents courage and strength. The Sunkar bird is a free and powerful inhabitant of Kazakhstani steppes that conquers enemies who often exceed the bird’s size. The three symbols of Universiade are combined with each other, forming a coherent whole.

The creative group of the symbols of Universiade spoke out on the complicated process. The representatives of the group, Ilya Timofeyev, Berik Ergaliev and Rustam Gareev: “We have considered that the logo must confirm to popular trends in modern design and at the same time have certain characteristics that would maintain its relevance. But most importantly, the national, ethnic and the cultural characteristics of Almaty and Kazakhstan should also be reflected prominently. The design has to comply with the requirements of FISU, as well.”

The Universiade 2017 symbols are now official, and have been approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the meeting of the Organisation Committee, which took place on September 27, led by the Prime Minister Akhmetov.